Sunday, February 22, 2015

Look what time of year it is again

Look what time of year it is again 
where has the time gone 12 whole months since   last lambing time!
just a few snap shots to show you what your missing!
any one fancy the night shift!
you only have a torch we have not got electricity in the sheds
it gets a bit dodgy when you have to help with delivering its a bit of a balancing act!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Uses for Vintage Linen

I am sure we all have some vintage linen around the house

I have quite a large collection of linen & embroidery and it was mostly tucked away in a boxes out of site

Its such a shame not to make use of them so I got a little creative with a few items from my collection
a little hand embroidered cloth I turned into a cute little Crochet hook holder

I made the inside with a piece of calico folded at the bottom I then sewed lines if  stitches to form the little pockets
  then added a piece of ribbon for the tie

Crochet hook holder_640a

What a great use for a little tray cloth
Another great use for old tray clothes is below
I used sections of this pretty daisy embroidered cloth and incorporated them into these little cushions

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It’s my Birthday

 It’s my Birthday today I have arrived at a big mile stone 60
I only wish my Mum was here to share it with me this is the first Birthday without her
Well this year has had a lot of firsts since mum passed on Good Friday last year
I so missed her early morning phone call this morning and her singing happy birthday down the phone
I don’t really want to celebrate my birthday but to give thanks to my Mum who brought me into the world one snowy February morning in 1955 poor mum had a really bad bout of flu at the time & the snow was so deep Dad had to walk to get the midwife and help her through the drifts carrying her bag!
 I was born eventually after a few anxious moments  when the midwife realized I had the cord wrapped around my neck twice Mum said she was told not to do the wallpapering a couple of weeks before the birth LOL but she was a girl after my own heart and I would have done the same
The first few days of my life Mum had to nurse me wearing a surgical mask as not to pass the flue onto me
Thank you Mum for nurturing & caring for me always making sure I was fed & clothed even if it meant you had to go without
Thank you for all the Christmas & Birthday gifts you ever brought me even though sometimes I was a moody cow because I never got what I wanted!
I understand I am now that parent and I am so trying my best to look after Dad for you he is so difficult and lacks the love patients & understanding that you did
But I will do my best
Because I love you 

Hugs Pam