Fat Quarter gift cracker

Fat Quarter Gift Cracker

This is a little idea I thought up as a gift for a sewing or quilting friend
 it’s made from a fat quarter that can be used by the recipient of the gift

 fill the cracker with sewing goodies, fat quarters, pins needles, threads, all you can fit in,
I know as a sewer I would love to receive one of these surprise gifts & I am sure your crafty friends would too, could be used for all crafts not just sewing by simply changing the inside contents

*to make*
you will need
1x fat quarter,
Empty cardboard tubes I used an empty kitchen roll tube
cut into 3 but 2 toliet tissue rolls can also be used by cutting one in two for the cracker ends see image below
Gifts of your choice that will fit into the middle cardboard tube
1x piece of tissue to wrap gift
Ribbon & embellishments of your choice

Step one 

Take a fat quarter fold over all sides as shown so that your tubes fit on top with a little fabric over at each end

Step two

Place your gift in the pretty tissue paper & wrap them neatly into a little parcel
  Step 3

 Put your gift wrapped contents inside the largest cardboard roll
this will be the centre of the cracker

Step 4

 Place the cardboard tubes onto your folded FQ as shown below
 roll the fabric tightly around the tubes
please excuse my one handed attempt!

  Step 5

 use the ribbon to tie each end in the gap between the tubes as shown below

Step 6

Finish off your cracker with whatever pretty bits and embellishments you want
 I have used ribbon roses & bows on mine


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